TallyPrime Gold plan for your Business Management

TallyPrime Gold plan for your Business Management

TallyPrime Gold plan for your Business Management

Are you looking for a Tally alternative for your business to increase efficiency in
performance and growth? Then this blog is just for you! Tally Prime is the latest Tally
software with many upgraded features compared to Tally ERP9. By using this feature,
you can enhance the overall functioning of your company and simplify your business
processes with insightful reports, accurate accounting & bookkeeping, ingenious
inventory & payroll management, and more. Being an all-in-one software, TallyPrime
doesn’t require you to have any prior training on how to use it so that you can focus on
other important aspects of your business. Chaturvedi Software House LLC from Dubai,
UAE offers the best solution to your business’s financial complexities. We offer suitable
VAT-ready solutions in 4 plans according to your needs and requirements and transition
your organization’s performance in the best way possible.

The 4 plans that we offer are,

● TallyPrime Silver
● TallyPrime Gold
● Tally Server
● Support Contract

In this blog, let’s focus on one of ‘the most preferred plans – TallyPrime Gold’ by our
customers across all sectors.

Features of TallyPrime Gold

TallyPrime Gold is the perpetual license for multiple computer systems in LAN. Let’s
dive into the features of TallyPrime Gold.

Invoicing and Accounting

The TallyPrime Gold plan allows you to create and record professional-looking invoices
and tailor them according to your business requirements. It’s pioneering accounting
the software comes with multiple features like sales & purchase management, price levels,
multi-currency support, a flexible order processing system, flawless payable and
receivable management, and much more.

Simplified Interface

TallyPrime gold provides an excellent user-friendly and intuitive interface that requires
zero training to use and manage. Our top VAT-ready professionals ensure you
never find it difficult to get stuck in the process.

Ingenious Inventory & Payroll Management

Managing inventory is the key aspect for all types of businesses. TallyPrime gold plan’s
inventory management includes stock valuation, batch, and expiry date, godown
management, and more. You can organize your stock into limitless stock groups and
categories such as product type, brand size, etc., and manage multiple warehouses. We
provide insightful reports on stock aging analysis, movement analysis, record levels,
and more.
With payroll management, you can manage employee payroll efficiently, process
error-free salary records, etc.


TallyPrime gold also gives you a comprehensive GST solution that enables you to
generate GST-compliant invoices, e-bills and file accurate returns, etc and manage
TDS, TCS, and payroll statutory. With TallyPrime’s ‘Prevention-detection-correction’
technology, you can always ensure that all the records are accurate and correct.

User Management and Security

Another key aspect that every business focuses on is keeping all the data and
information safe and secure. TallyPrime software enables you to create multiple
security levels, define user-level rights, provide specific access to certain employees,
deactivate users, and more. It also offers a backup and restores option at the server
level with authorization to avoid losing important data.

Business Reports

You can access nearly 400+ insightful and customizable reports from TallyPrime
software to improvise your decision-making for your business. It also allows you to
view and modify various parameters in the reports in just one click.

Remote Access

Accessing business data all the time becomes crucial sometimes in the most wanted
situations. But with TallyPrime software, you and your employees can access business
reports online anywhere, from any device all the while keeping your data and
information safe and secure.

Multi-tasking with ease

Get the freedom of flexibility to multitask with multiple reports at ease and prioritize
according to your requirements.
Get ready to switch to TallyPrime ‘Gold’ plan from us and get exceptional support from
our talented professionals! Click here to know more about the details of TallyPrime
Gold pricing and contact us to get more insights on the features.

Grow your business with us!

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