Tally Prime

Equip your Business game with Tally’s Latest version – Tally Prime!

Tally Prime

Are you still using the old version of Tally software for your organization’s accounting and financial management needs? Then, you should switch to TallyPrime, the latest business management software solution with much more advanced features that enables you to drive your business performance at its best, effortlessly.

TallyPrime is the upgraded version of Tally ERP9 software that aids in the management of Tally features of inventory, accounting, payroll, bank transactions, statutory compliance, and other functions. This software benefits your organization by providing smooth running of operations and effective decision-making to enhance your business practices.

Why TallyPrime?

The key objective of TallyPrime is to offer up-to-date and cutting-edge software that supports users to boost their experience in systemizing copious processes comprising all the main functions that your business has to take charge of.

TallyPrime gives you,

  • A better User Interface with better functioning and appearance
  • Simple and seamless management of complex transactions
  • Secured connected services
  • Instant report generation with improved detailing in Tally reports
  • Improved Data Security
  • Enhanced Navigation mechanism for better user experience
  • Using TallyPrime on Cloud over Tally ERP, you get a more flexible and future-equipped solution to your practice.

What are the features of TallyPrime?

VAT-enabled TallyPrime

 With the simplicity and ease of Tally ERP9, TallyPrime facilitates boosting the productivity of the processes deriving efficient and quicker results. Using this software you can grow your business practices without any sudden pullovers. The software works according to your business model and provides the right solution to your concerns. You can create professional-looking VAT-compliant invoices within seconds. All the VAT entries that you enter can be adjusted and recorded in a breeze.

Robust Inventory Management

Whether you follow different sales or purchase cycles from different parties or one party or, want to follow a complete order of purchase/sales cycles and create payment/receipt, TallyPrime is the right software for you. It is designed to give you overall flexibility to choose different sales and purchase processes and keeps your data and records up to date.

Dynamic Invoicing & Accounting

The features of TallyPrime make the process of creating and recording invoices hassle-free and simple. It adapts to your organization with optimized invoice components, a customization host, countless billing models, and other features. It’s an advanced accounting system because of its extensive feature set.

Profound Business Reports

Tally prime offers multitudinous business reports that provide powerful insights for enterprises to make the right decisions. You can segment your reports the way you like to present and organize them according to your business priorities.

Multi-currency support

With TallyPrime, you can record invoices, quotations, and orders, accept payments and receive bills in foreign currency. It also helps you to optimize your cash and credit flow and enables various billing formats to meet your company’s basics. TallyPrime’s forecast report of cash flow helps you to arrange your investments or expenditures while keeping the predicted inflow in mind. You can also set maximum credit limits based on the credibility of the customer to ensure better credit management.

Multi-Task Capabilities

TallyPrime encourages multi-tasking and helps you to handle daily interruptions without getting clustered or stuck. If you wanna record any new sales when you are already in the middle of sales invoicing or making payment entries but want to recheck the outstanding report before proceeding further, this software enables you to multitask these works. You will be able to switch between multiple instances of Tally without getting worried about losing your progress.

Benefits of Banking Utilities

TallyPrime also provides banking features and utilities to manage your banking needs efficiently. The features such as reconciling bank statements, cheque management, predefined formats, online payments, etc provokes banking to be an effortless task. You can also track and manage post-dated cheques trouble-free.

Secure & Access Data

Every business owner’s top priority is to keep the business data safe and secure. By encrypting data with Tally Vault, you can maintain the confidentiality of your data information. You can also create multiple security levels, define user-level rights and assign specific access to users concerning their roles and responsibilities.

 Why is TallyPrime better than Tally ERP9?

TallyPrime beats Tally ERP9 in being the most practical accounting software with ingenious features. The advantages you get are,

  • Save time by altering data entering fields for easy process
  • Speed up accounting, audits, and data input activities with quicker navigation and shortcuts
  • Improved invoice printing
  • Multitask activities through a single window

Don’t waste time using an outdated version of tally software with restricted features for your business. Start using TallyPrime today to upgrade and refine your organization’s practices!

Start Now! Start with us!

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