TallyPrime Silver & TallyPrime Gold

TallyPrime Silver & TallyPrime Gold features explained

Are you a Business owner who wants to fix the accounting and business
management of your entity or an individual who wants to learn or work for your
entrepreneurship by finding the right software that matches your requirements?

TallyPrime Silver & TallyPrime Gold

Then this blog is just for you! Chaturvedi software house LLC from Dubai, UAE
offers the right business management and accounting software solution called
“Tally software” that will help you to,

1. Manage your business’s accounting structure
2. Obtain secure Data management solutions
3. Get the best User experience
4. Manage tax returns and review tools for compliance

Any many more!

Our most-wanted versions of tally software recommended by our business
clients are “Tally ERP9” & “TallyPrime” software. Tally ERP9 is the most common
version of Tally software and TallyPrime is the advanced version of Tally ERP9
In this blog, you will be exposed to TallyPrime features under the TallyPrime
silver and TallyPrime gold categories. Let’s get started!

What is TallyPrime?

TallyPrime is a business management software, that takes care of your
accounting like Sales, purchases, receivables, and payables tracking; Inventory
management like Order processing, and inventory tracking; Payroll
management, Bank transactions, Statutory Compliance, etc.

TallyPrime also helps in vital decision making which is simplified for business
owners to provide critical reports. Tally Prime also provides essential reports
such as all Financial reports, Cash-flow reports, Cost center reports, Inventory
reports, Accounting reports, and many more detailed reports. Under Tally Prime
software, there are two main categories/subscriptions according to the number
of users who will be entitled to manage the software system.

TallyPíime Silveí TallyPíime Gold
Tally Prime Silver is a license for one compuľer Sysľem Tally Prime Gold is a perpeľual license for mulľiple compuľer Sysľems in a LAN

Once you choose who is going to manage the software, the next step is to utilize
the features!

Exquisite Features of TallyPrime software

Simple Accounting Management – Under accounting management, you will
be able to,
a) Prepare a pre-defined and flexible chart of accounts
b) Maintain Group & ledger management
c) Get multi-currency support
d) Retract post-dated transactions

Flexible purchase and sales management – you will get the benefits of,
a) Preparing billing formats, multiple price lists & discount management,
multiple addresses
b) Process sales & purchase orders
c) Complete track of receipt (GRN) and delivery not (DC)

Ingenious Inventory Management – Under this feature, you can manage,
a) Unlimited stock groups and categorization
b) multi-locations/godowns and batch management
c) Alternate & compound units of measure
d) Manufacturer and expiry date management
e) Flexible units of measure
f) Multiple stock valuation
g) Item cost tracking

Credit & Cash Flow management – Make your organization run with the flow
a) Receivable & payable management
b) Ageing analysis
c) Credit control utilities
d) Cash and fund flows
e) Cash flow projections and,
f) Interest calculations

Banking – This feature allows you to,
a) Auto-configured cheque printing
b) Chequebook management
c) Auto Bank Reconciliation (Auto BRS)
d) Post-dated cheque management
e) Payment advice & deposit slip
f) E-payments

Manufacturing & Job work – With this feature, you will be able to create,
a) Multi-Bill of material (BOM)
b) Manufacturing Journal
c) Job order processing
d) Job work reports

Statutory Capabilities – This important feature helps you to manage,
a) VAT compliant and error-free invoicing
b) Invoice printing in different languages
c) VAT computation report

Business Reports – You will be able to,
a) Discover easily, do more with Go To/Switch To options
b) Tailor-made reports with a Change view option
c) Basis of value and exception reports

All the reports that are made are saved automatically. Under business reports,
the 4 major reports that you can create are

1. Accounting reports like ledgers, cash/bank books, purchase/sales
registers, and bills both receivable and payable
2. Financial reports like Balance sheet, profit & loss A/C, trial balance, and
ratio analysis
3. Inventory reports like Stock summary, aging analysis, movement
analysis, stock transfers, order & batch summary, and many more
4. Management control reports like a cost center, cost category, cash flow
report & projection, comparative reports, etc.

Cost control and Cost Analysis – You will be able to maintain,
a) Cost center and profit center management
b) Set budget & track variance
c) Business forecasting using scenario management

Data Exchange Capabilities – Get the benefits of,
a) On-demand data synchronization
b) Export reports in different formats in different formats like MS Excel, PDF,
c) Export & import of data through XML
d) Tally ODBC
e) Upload data to the HTTP web server

Internet-based Capabilities
a) Secure remote access
b) E-mailing of invoices & reports
c) License & user management
d) Tally reports in the browser and many more

Payroll Capabilities – With this feature, you can get the benefits of,
a) Pay slip printing & emailing
b) Employee category-wise pay slip sheets & pay structure management
c) Employee profile, group & category reports
d) Attendance recording & pay process
e) Payroll accounting & exception reports
f) Payment Advice

Data security capabilities – You will be able to manage
a) Data Backup & Restore
b) Multiple security controls
c) User management
d) Password policy management
e) Tally Vault
f) Tally Audit

Delightful User Experience – You will be able to experience the best user
interface with,
a) Easily configurable ledgers and vouchers with more details
b) Feature enablement and ledger creation
c) Consistent top menu that helps with multitasking and better navigation
d) Contextual right bar that helps you to get used to and take advantage of
the product
e) Easy troubleshooting
f) About page for easily getting support

TallyPrime offers many more features as you discover our platform. You will able
to get the right support and the best user experience with unimaginable
benefits for you and your organization. So what are you waiting for? Check out
our website and connect with us to make your financial & business management

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