KEY ACCOUNTING REPORTS IN TALLY.ERP 9 FOR BUSINESSESReports in business are very important; reports help to manage day-to-day business operations efficiently. Tally.ERP 9 provides many important results. Tally reports are developed to suit all the aspects of accounting management, inventory management, and statutory. 

Key Accounting Reports in Tally

1.Cash Flow/Fund Flow: The Cash flow report in Tally is useful to get a view of cash inflow & outflow during an accounting period. This report makes it easy for business owners to understand the cash flow situation for a specific period and helps make decisions. 

The fund flow report in Tally provides the details in the sources of funds and their net flow status monthly.

2.  Ratio Analysis Report: The ratio analysis report is a powerful report for financial analysis. The multiple ratios of the report provide us a clear understanding of the financial position of a business. These are Debt Equity Ratio, Quick Ratio, Return on Working Capital, Return on Investment and so on. 

3.  Balance Sheet: The balance sheet gives a complete glance at the financial position of a business. The balance sheet shows the assets & liabilities of a company. The Balance Sheet can be configured using F12 configuration in Tally.ERP 9. It also provides a Schedule VI Balance Sheet for businesses. The Balance Sheet can be viewed for any given dates. Multiple valuation types are given for defining stock valuations such as FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost, Average Price and many more.

4. Profit & Loss Statement: The P&L report in Tally ERP 9 helps to show the company’s net profit or loss in a given period. The tally report considers the period starting from the date when the books begin to the entry date of the last voucher. This report can be configured with F12 configuration available within the report. 

5. Inventory Reports: The stock summary report displays the current position of stocks or stock in hand for a particular date. With the help of this report, a businessman can view item-wise rates, quantity and value of stocks available. The report also shows the status of stocks available across the various godowns. By this, the owner can see the net stock position by considering purchase & sales orders which are yet to be processed.

6. Stock Ageing Analysis Report: Stock ageing analysis report helps businesses understand their slow-moving goods. This report in tally helps business owners to make decisions based on the procurement of stocks, or whether to liquidate stocks based on their age. 

7. E-Way Bill Reports: Tally gives comprehensive e-way bill reports to make life simple for users. By this user will be able to view transactions that have been exported for e-way bills, transactions that are yet to be exported for e-way bills, e-way bills that have already been generated. 

So, there are many reports in tally that help can help your business in financial analysis of your business in the easiest manner and take quick business decisions.

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