Features To Protect Your Tally Data While Working Remotely

Features To Protect Your Tally Data While Working Remotely

Due to COVID-19, almost all the businesses and their employees are managing from work from home. And, one point that should be considered upon is that how these businesses are surviving & tackling the various problems that arise regarding data safety & employee performance. 

If you are a tally user, we will let you know some features that will help you in this situation to improve your company’s overall performance.

1.Data Safety: Tally software is all about data & reports. Tally.ERP 9 contains very important data regarding your clients, stock, cash/bank details, etc. In the current situation, it may seem hard to rely on employees working from home on the tally with such confidential information.

Tally on cloud is the only way you can work from home with Tally. To keep you Tally data safe, ensure you invest in Smart Backup++ which will continuously backup your Tally data from time to time and inform you if there is any discrepancy.

2.User Activity: User activity management is important to improve the overall performance of the business. In the case of multiple users, accountability may not be possible and hence errors may be repeated over and over, causing loss to the business.

One way by which you can avoid the problem of multiple users in tally software is to use audit pro features. It helps you to see the entries made by each user. It also keeps track of every entry from creation to editing and to deleting. 

3.Data Entry Security Level: In this work from home situation, it may be challenging to control user activities. So, to limit the data access to users, you can set the Advance Voucher Type Level Security. It will help you to assign specific rights to every user. The user will not be able to view any other information which is not part of his/her assigned rights. This makes sure that data is safe and is being used only as per the role of the person.

4.Virtually Signed Invoice To Avoid Delays: One of the important challenges that arise by work from home is how to collaborate with different departments and get a signature from authoritative persons in the organization without wasting much time. One way of doing this is to ensure the signature is digital.

The digital signature mainly ensures the authenticity of the document as well as saves a lot of waiting time.  Digitally signed invoices can be mailed to the customers and hence time is not spent is sending the invoice through the post

It is very important for employees working from home, to take care of data security at all levels of the business hierarchy. So, these are some proactive measures a business can take care to ensure high productivity with high data security.

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