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Tally is very famous among businesses for more than decades. Tally is extremely trustworthy in businesses because of tally’s power of simplicity. Tally can help you manage multiple companies and also add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centres etc. This helps you get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.

Tally can help your business in the following ways

  1. Tally helps you to focus on your business growth: With the help of tally you can manage multiple companies and incrementally add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, cost-centres etc. And due to this you can get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.
  2. Better Control over cash flow: Quick and hassle-free bills receivables and payable management help you to get paid faster as well as managing payment timelines. Also, Tally facilitates easy and efficient stock movement, making it possible to optimize the cash flow
  3. Improved productivity: Tally is a very speedy software, and due to this you can do your things very quickly and thus you can save your time. Tally also provides you many reports which help you make good  decisions and plan the growth of your business better and improve productivity of your business.
  4. Better Tax Compliance: Tally’s Prevention, Detection and Correction mechanism ensures that your books are always accurate, hence giving you the confidence that the returns you file are always correct! 

Now let’s classify the benefits of tally according to the size of business

According to the size, businesses can be classified in 3 ways: Small enterprises, medium enterprises and large enterprises. So, let’s see usefulness of tally according to these classifications.

Advantages of Tally for Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

  • Small and medium enterprises (SME) need ERP software to manage three critical functions – accounting, inventory and compliance. Tally.ERP 9 can be used in all these areas with its simple-to-use interface that manages the complexity of the functions in the background.
  • Tally helps to manage accounting, inventory and compliance within a single software, it becomes easier for business owners to assess the impact of finance on their businesses and take day-to-day decisions based on data.
  • Small and medium enterprises are typically hard-pressed for finances and need to monitor their fund flow and cash flow before taking decisions, such as whether to take a loan from a bank or other sources. With Tally.ERP 9, important decisions can be taken by looking at critical financial reports which are available on the click of a button.
  • Owners need to track inventory data in hand to ensure that they are not investing heavily in maintaining inventory by paying huge interests on loans. Tally.ERP 9 provides Stock Ageing report which helps manage inventory. Business owners can take decisions based on stock clearance status or give new orders to their suppliers by simply looking at the report.

Advantages of Tally for Medium and Large Enterprise

  • This type of business enterprises have to manage many business functions. With the right ERP software, you can handle cross functional operations and take their own decisions. Tally.ERP 9 supports businesses to seamlessly combine their activities for accounting, inventory, compliance, payroll, finance and more.
  • Business owners can manage multiple functions with multiple user logins. They can assign different access rights to their employees based on the data that use to run the business.
  • With the help of Tally tax consultants can remotely perform audit without hassle of transferring the data. Auditors can leave their comments on vouchers and business owners could take further action as required.

The nature of any business is such that business owners cannot stop their activities at any point. Tally.ERP 9 makes life easy for business owners. They can pass their first transaction within minutes of installing the software. Tally.ERP 9 gives the flexibility to create masters on the fly, as businesses need to create different types of vouchers most of the time.

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