Decision making is one of the most important aspects of the businesses whether it may be small or big. Tally software not only helps in recording transactions but can also track inventory. Daily data can be fed into user can check the data in a consolidated reports. This will help management in decision making.

Every business has a worry that they have to clear their stock before it expires, because you cannot sell expiry products to your customer for obvious. Thus, tally provides Stock aging analysis reports through which owner can make plans to strategically move and sell his old stock before it expires.

Tally also gives Current stock status by Stock summary report, it shows the accurate number of inventory available and whether it is sufficient for the present demand or not.

Tally also provides Reorder level report which helps the owner to set benchmark or a level after which the stock is replenished with new stock. Every businessman believes that sending their customers without providing them the required items is not a good thing for business. So, the reorder level is very essential as it signals to fill the stock after a particular level so the last minute rush can be avoided.

And the most important thing for any business is its profit. So, the tally provides report that help you check the profitability earned in each transaction. This helps you to know which transaction earned you how much profit and helps you strategize your pricing policy.

Today is the era of automation and artificial intelligence. Every business has to use the tools which reduce their work, time and cost and give them good results. And, Tally is one such tool that is very essential for every business to run their business effectively and one can also demand forcustomized tally software’s as per their convenience and use.

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