Tally is a software that helps to speed the accounting processes of your business and with efficiency. It tracks cash flow, revenue calculation and many more things for your business by also keeping your financial information and other confidential information safe. 

Tally software has been designed to fulfill the requirements of your business and tally also can be customized, extended and integrated as per your need of your business, so that it totally suits your business and efficiency can be achieved in your business. 

Following features of tally can increase the efficiency of your business:

  • Details of transaction: This software drill downs every detail of your business transaction. It helps in accounts classification, business incomes & expenses, bank reconciliation, etc. It supports all major types of file transfer protocols, that can help you in connecting files across various locations of your business.
  • Financial analysis & management: Tally is a software that is very much useful in undertaking financial analysis and management. Tally provides information about receivables, cash flow statement, etc. 
  • Helps in Taxation: Tally also helps in calculating right taxes to be paid by the business which helps in the timely payment of the correct amount of taxes so that any penalty can be avoided.
  • Easy set-up & Easy to use: Tally is a very easy to set up software and also very easy to use software, it has been designed & developed to simplify the daily transactions taking place in the business so that the operational efficiency can be achieved. It helps in providing comprehensive solution for your business.
  • Helps in Payroll: The tally software helps in payroll management, it offers the functions like employee groups, attendance management, timely salary payments, and also other complex payroll calculations.


So, these are the features that can help to increase the efficiency of your business. Tally software is very much useful and has various in-built features that helps in meeting various needs of your business. And, these features will help you to speed up your business processes and help take important decisions quick for your business. 

Green FX WLL offer high end TALLY Customization to its clients in Bahrain, also Customized Softwares, Training & Development and related services.


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