In manufacturing business, there are a lot of complicated tasks like tracking of goods from raw material to finished goods. And, due to these reasons, it becomes very necessary to maintain software that tracks the movement of all the goods. But, choosing software is also a difficult task and you may be thinking about which software to use, but there are very few software that tracks the inventory and helps in business operations.

Tally.ERP 9 is one such software that tracks your stock, cash-flow and maintain various other information like your employee records. The features like these will help you to gain insights and overview the situation of the business and take corrected actions if required.

In this blog, we will let you know some of the most important features of tally which are very useful for a manufacturing business.

  1. Handling all type of goods: The users can easily record the raw-materials and their consumption for finished goods or semi-finished goods in tally. They can also group the stock and then check the stock according to their group, it enables ease of maintaining information and you can access the data very easily when you require it.
  2. Inventory Management:  In manufacturing business, the stock keeps moving from one place to another but with tally you can track moving stock across the different locations. It also keeps the track of stock that is lying in third party locations and most importantly you can also calculate the valuation of your stocks through various methods like FIFO, LIFO.
  3. Reverse Charge Mechanism: Normally in a manufacturing business reverse charge has to be applied every time when goods are purchased from an unregistered dealer. These self-invoices can be directly generated from Tally.
  4. Cost Centres: Tally software has also provisions for cost centres so the owners can allocate costs to the cost centres. They can also identify employees as cost centres to tag any cost associated with them.
  5. Batch-wise expiry: In many manufacturing businesses, sorting of the stock is done as per their expiry date to avoid stock getting wasted. Tally software helps to sort the inventory according to its expiry date and thus it can be assured that the stock is not wasted.
  6. Business reports: With the help of tally you can get all the business reports like profit and loss statement, cash flow report, balance sheet, etc. These reports can give a clear picture of your business so that later you can take important decisions through these reports. 
  7. Quality Control: In manufacturing business, it becomes very important to pay utmost attention to the quality of the end products and not onlyend products but all the raw materials, semi-finished goods need to be up to the quality standards. So tally has a solution for that also because it gives option to check the products as per pre-defined quality standards/criteria.

So, these are some of the important features of the tally for manufacturing business and it’s also been used by many manufacturers to make their work easy and fast. Basically, Tally is a complete business management software which should be used in all types of business as it makes the work super easy and provides efficiency in the businesses.

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