importance of ratio analysis

Ratio analysis is a very important factor which is useful to understand financial statements of the company, current position of the company, efficiency in business operations, etc. And, most importantly ratio analysis helps investors to understand the performance of the company so that important decisions can be taken. Ratio analysis can be easily done through software like tally.

Ratio analysis is done by studying data from current & previous financial statements to understand the financial performance of the company. This is useful to know whether the company is growing or not? 

There are many such uses of ratio analysis so in this blog, we will understand the importance of ration analysis in detail.

ratio analysis


(1) Helps in analyzing the financial statements: Ratio analysis helps us to understand the financial statements of the company and these financial statements are very important for the stakeholders of the company. By ratio analysis, it becomes easy to understand the comparison of these numbers and it also helps to estimate numbers for the income statements and balance sheet of the company.

(2) Efficiency of the company: By ratio analysis the owners will be able to know the company’s ability to generate the profit. It also helps to understand whether the company is running efficiently or not.

(3) Planning & Forecasting: Ratio analysis helps the management to understand and estimate the company’s future financials. And later it is used for budgeting and planning the future of the business, it means in which direction business has to move and how it has to forward toward the growth.

(4) Identifying Risk: There are many unforeseen risks involved in the business and ration analysis helps in understanding these risks and thus management will be ready to take the necessary actions in advance to avoid the risk or mitigate the effects of risk. Financial ratios like Interest coverage ratio, Debt coverage ratio helps the management to know how much company is dependent on the external capital sources and it also helps to know the  company’ ability to repay debt.

(5) Peers comparison: The management and investors often do the comparison of the company with the peers to know the profitability of the company, market share of the company, etc. Ratio analysis helps to perform SWOT analysis of the company. It also tells whether or not company is growing or not and how much is the growth o the company compared to its competitors. Thus, a proper peer comparison can be done through ratio analysis.

So, these are the benefits of ratio analysis in the company. And, for ratio analysis it is advised to take help of the various softwares available in the market fort that work. And, when ratio analysis is concerned the best software for ratio analysis is undoubtedly – Tally. It is a very effective software that helps company to carry out ratio analysis and also helps in decision-making process of the company by providing various statements that assist in proper decision-making. 

Whether you are in India, UAE, Bahrain, USA, everywhere tally will be very helpful for your business so it is very much advisable to start using tally for your business.

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