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Accounting software is now a basic necessity for most of the businesses, because manual accounting will take a lot of time and today there is not much time available to use on manual accounting and also manual accounting can result into many errors, and therefore businesses have turned to accounting software as their tasks get completed faster and also without any error. If we talk about accounting software then tally accounting software is the most used accounting software so let’s discuss about tally accounting software modules in this blog, and how these modules will help you in your business.

tally accounting software modules

Following are the modules of accounting software that can be helpful in your business:

  • Useful reports

If we talk about financial reports, then balance sheet and profit & loss statement are the two major financial statements or reports that are very much useful to businesses. The balance sheet shows the assets & liabilities of the business and Profit & loss statement reflect the incomes and expenses of your business. Accounting software should be able to generate these 2 important statements as well as many other reports that are useful for the business. 

  • Cash flow management

It is important for every business to monitor their cash flow, manually monitoring cash flow is very difficult and time-consuming process. A good accounting software is the one that is able to make cash flow statement of the company based on their transactions. Also, it should be able to predict your cash flow for the upcoming period of time. 

  • Billing

In the business when you make a sale, you need to give a bill or invoice to your customers. The bills that you prepare should be accurate and now gone are the days when you were preparing the bills manually, now everyone uses technology. Accounting software should be able to prepare invoices in bulk. You can use tally accounting software for that as tally server 9 price in UAE is very reasonable and it helps you in billing and all other functions. Thus, buy tally software for your business in UAE.

  • Credit management

Managing credit is very important for your business and thus accounting software should help you to manage your receivables and payables. It can assist you in defining credit limits and credit periods for each customer, as well as warn you when you accidentally exceed credit limits. It should also assist you in analyzing your credit patterns and making informed decisions about trustworthy clients, appropriate credit limits, and credit periods.

  • Banking

Banking is an important and integral function for every business and it includes managing the bank accounts, cheque books, reconciling the bank statements, etc. Accounting software should be able to reconcile your bank accounts with your books automatically, as well as generate records of transactions that were skipped. Another positive thing to look for is the ability to print checks for payments, which reduces the amount of time it takes to write the check and eliminates the possibility of mistakes.

In conclusion, we would like to say that using an accounting software is a great investment for your company and thus you should also use an accounting software in your business. You can make use of tally accounting software modules as it is the best accounting software. 

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