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As the owner or management of a business, you should always be aware of how your business is going and especially when you own a small or medium-sized business. You should keep reviewing your incomes, expenses, assets, cash flow, etc. these all things will give you a better idea about these things but how you will know all these things and here the role of business reports comes in when you prepare reports you will come to know about all these things and now software like tally in its tally latest version it prepares all these reports for the business automatically and it prepares all these reports very quick. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the important reports of a business.

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Following are the most important reports for a business in Tally latest version:

  • Income statement: The income statement shows the total revenue and total expenses by the business in a specific period of time and the income statement is the report which is used most by the external and internal stakeholders of the company to study the profitability of the business and make important business decisions. And, also it is very useful in filing the correct taxes by your accountant. 
  • Balance sheet: The balance sheet shows you the financial picture of the company. It gives the details about the company’s assets and liabilities including the debtors and creditors. And, you should also know that the balance sheet is the most used report when you need funding for your business from the bank or other investors. So, it is a must need for your business You can get prepared this report easily and automatically through tally accounting software, and also the tally software price in UAE is very affordable so small businesses can also easily afford it. 
  • Cash flow statement: The cash flow statement analyzes the cash inflow in your business and cash outflow of your business. By cash flow statement, you can also know that which areas of your organization are generating the most cash for your business and which areas are spending the most cash and basis on this you can take important decisions for your business and it also estimates the future cash flow in your business and thus you can plan accordingly.
  • Accounts receivables aging: Accounts receivables aging report lets you know how well you are doing in collecting your funds from your debtors. Accounts receivables are a big source of cash inflow in the company and thus you have to be very efficient in this. By accounts receivables aging report you can know which customer is paying you in time and which customer is delaying the payment every time and based on that you can take the necessary actions. 
  • Accounts payable aging: The account payable aging report tells you how long you take to pay to your creditors and for a company, it is good to pay all the creditors on the time otherwise the creditors will not trust you and also your reputation will hamper. Account payable aging carries all these details and thus you can study them and start paying the creditors on time. 

So, these are the 5 most important reports for a business which businesses should always generate, you can also take help of tally latest version software as it provides you all these important reports and also many other reports. 

Tally UAE serves clients all over the world with tally accounting software and Tally UAE provides tally software price in UAE at the most affordable rate, so do contact us if you have any software-related needs; we will be happy to help. Thank you!

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